Gopichand’s  Sahasam movie Dialogues

Gopichand’s Sahasam movie Dialogues



 Sahasam is a 2013 Telugu adventure film directed by Chandra Sekhar Yeleti and produced by B. V. S. N. Prasad starring Gopichand and Taapsee Pannu.The film was known under the working title Jackpot but was later renamed as Sahasam.[8] The film was mostly shot in Ladakh, and Hyderabad.

Here are few dialogues from the movie Sahasam:

Nadhi kanidhi edhi naaku vadhu…naadhi anadhi miru adagadhu

Mandhi kaanappudu koti rupailu aina vadhu

Naadhi anadhi ardha-rupai kuda vadhulukonu

More dialogues to be added soon…