Gravity Movie Quotes

Gravity Movie Quotes



Gravity is a 2013 3D science fiction thriller and space drama film directed, co-written, co-produced and co-edited by Alfonso Cuarón. The film stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as surviving astronauts from a damaged Space Shuttle mission, as they attempt to return to Earth.


Some quotes from the movie Gravity:


Life in space…nothing to carry sound. No air pressure. Life is impossible.

Ryan Stone: Either way, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Matt: Houston, I have a bad feeling about this mission. It’s the same feeling I had about Mardi Gras.

Houston: Affirmative. We haven’t heard this one yet.

Shariff: No, no, no, Houston, don’t be anxious. Anxiety is bad for the heart.

Ryan Stone: They can’t hear us.
Matt Kowalski: We don’t know that for sure. They might hear us. That’s why we keep talking.

Matt Kowalski: What kind of a name is Ryan for a girl?
Ryan Stone: My Dad wanted a boy.

Matt Kowalski: You have to learn to let go.

Matt Kowalski: Half of North America just lost their Facebook.

Ryan Stone: All right, Tiangong. Stay right there. You’re my last ride.

Ryan Stone: What do I do? What do I do?

Ryan Stone: Fuck!
Matt Kowalski: Copy that.

Matt Kowalsky: So where’s home, Dr. Stone?
Ryan Stone: Lake Zurich, Illinois
Matt Kowalsky: Is there somebody down there looking up, thinking about you?
Ryan Stone: I had a daughter, a little girl with brown hair. Tell her that I’m not quitting.

Matt Kowalsky: “Dr. Stone and Matt Kowalski are the sole survivors of the SDS-157.”

Ryan Stone: “Explorer, do you, do you copy? Houston, do you copy? Houston, this is Mission Specialist Ryan Stone. I am off structure and I am drifting. Do you copy? Anyone? Anybody? Do you copy? Please copy. Please.

Ryan Stone: To confirm, this is Ryan Stone, the sole survivor.

Ryan Stone: Clear skies with a chance of satellite debris.

Ryan Stone: I hate space.

Ryan Stone: Two possible outcomes – either I make it down there in one piece and I have one hell of a story, or I burn up— either way it will be one hell of a ride.